Capgemini Recruitment Process

26 Oct 2021


Recruitment Process

Capgemini has begun its recruitment process. Continue reading this article if you are seeking a job with Capgemini. This article will provide you with a lot of insight into the entire recruitment process and how to secure a job at Capgemini.
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About the company

Capgemini – Quick look
Capgemini Recruitment Process – Job Roles Offered
Capgemini Recruitment Process – Eligibility criteria
Capgemini Recruitment Process – 5 stages of selection Process
Capgemini Recruitment Process – Online Test's most important points
Capgemini Recruitment Process – About the assessment platform
Capgemini Recruitment Process - Documents required
Capgemini Recruitment Process - Recruitment policies at Capgemini
Capgemini Recruitment Process – Frequency Asked Questions
About the company
Category:  IT Jobs
Industry:  Professional services, Technology services
Headquarters:  Paris, France
Official Website:
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Hermelin
Founder and Current Vice-Chairman:  Serge Kampf
This is the most common profile for which employees are hired.

  • BE/BTech/MCA (open for all branches)
  • ME/MTech candidates must have a background in information technology or computer science.
  • A minimum 60 percent in 10th and 12th and graduation with no active backlogs
  • The duration of a BE/BTech programme should not exceed four years
  • A one-year gap between the 12th and first year of graduation is allowed
  • Must be willing to sign a bond
  • Must be willing to work in any Capgemini location, domain or/and position
  • Willingness to work in shifts is required
  • The complete selection process will be conducted online, from the test to the interview
  • Candidates must make their arrangements for the required infrastructure to take part in the online selection process
Data Structures
Questions: 10
Duration (minutes):  25
Capgemini's Pseudo Code section puts your skills to the test on technical skills like 
Programming logic (tested through Pseudo code Questions)
C, C++, and Java
Data Structures
Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)
This is an MCQ round
Different types of Pseudo code questions can be asked like
  • A pseudo-code is given, and you need to check for errors in that code
  • You need to complete the pseudo-code to get the desired result
  • You will also be asked to write the logic of a program to get the desired result stated in the question
  • You can choose any language like C, C++, Java, Python etc
Questions: 30
Duration (minutes): 30
This new round has replaced Capgemini's Essay Writing round from the previous year. 
The areas to study for the English Communication test are listed below. The areas to study for the English Communication test are listed below.
Reading Comprehension
Direct and Indirect Speech
Active and Passive Voice
Sentence Completion (using adverbs, nouns, adjectives, Articles, Prepositions)
Sentence Correction
Correcting Spelling Errors
Questions: 4 Games
Duration (minutes):  20 - 30
The Capgemini Gamified Quantitative Aptitude Test is the most interesting new stage in the Capgemini Recruitment Process. It is expected to be a series of four games to be completed. The different types of games that occur in the test are listed below.
Type of Game
Switch Challenge
Inductive Logical Thinking
Grid Challenge 
Motion Challenge
Before beginning the actual test, you will have the opportunity to practise and familiarise yourself with each game module.
Questions: 100
Duration (minutes): No Time Limit
This round (also known as the Adaptive Employee Personality Test or ADEPT-15) is a personality psychometric that assesses work-related behaviour.
On each screen, there will be 5 pairs of statements. You must choose the one you agree with the most. You cannot skip any of the items to continue to the next page.
It looks for your behaviour and way of interaction with others. It checks your team skills and personality.
Example 1: Is capable of convincing others about something.
A) Disagree B) Strongly agree C) Strongly Disagree D) Disagree
Example 2: You frequently take charge or are appointed as a leader by others.
A) Disagree B) Strongly agree C) Strongly Disagree D) Disagree
Questions: Any
Duration (minutes): Any
What is normalization in DBMS?
Are higher standard forms practical in the industry?
Difference between truncate, delete and drop.
Difference between unique key and primary key.
Define foreign key.
What is the difference between private, public and protected in Java?
Difference between abstract class and interface.
Demonstrate multi-threading using Thread class.
Why is it better to implement a Runnable interface while creating threads?
Below are the HR questions asked in the previous interviews.
Why engineering?
What do you think about your college?
What was your challenging subject in your college?
What was your favourite subject in your college and why?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How you tried to improve your marks percentage from Engineering 1st year sem 1 to Engineering 4 sem1?
What do you think about college toppers?
How do you think you are different from your college topper?
How successful are you in your studies? How do you rate yourself?
What are your achievements in your academics?
Have you participated in any technical seminars? (Be prepared for the question on what you learned from that seminar)
How did you get this project? (Be prepared)
Where did you do your internship?
How did you get that internship? By reference or any interview? 
Which type of work did you handle during the internship?
Whether you worked there or just took code to submit in your college?
What was your experience during that internship?
What are your expectations from the company?
Reason for not choosing other companies?
Which quality of Capgemini do you like the most?
What are the values of Capgemini?
In which 3 areas do we mainly focus?
Who is the founder of Capgemini?
Who is the CEO of the company?
The national bird of India
The national sport of India
  • There is no negative marking
  • Each round consists of a stage-by-stage elimination. You must pass the Pseudo coding round to get to the next stage of the English round and so on
  • Pseudo coding and English tests require using a camera, whereas Game-Based and Personality Psychometric tests do not
  • The assessment can be completed on either laptops/PCs or mobile phones
  • SAB is the tool that is used to conduct this evaluation on a laptop or PC. Superset might also be used for registering and conducting the online test
  • Update your browser, empty your browser cache, and allow access to the microphone and webcam before installing this tool
  • You can then access the assessment by entering your login credentials which will be sent to you by email
Go to the "Career" section
Click the tab "Jobs" at the top of the page
Enter the desired location and desired role in the Search tab
Filters can be applied based on your qualifications and interests
On the screen, a list of jobs appears
Choose the role that applies to you the most and click on it
Click the "Apply" button
A form with blank fields will appear
Fill out the required data and submit the form
For each candidate, an id will be generated and saved for future use.
We hope that we have provided all of the information on the Capgemini Recruitment clearly and understandably. For more information, regular and latest updates, follow us on telegram.
2.  An updated copy of the resume.
3.  A set of passport size photographs.
4.  A government of India issued original identification proof (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter id, Passport, etc.)
2.  If Capgemini has terminated the candidate's application for any reason, the candidate is no longer eligible to apply.
3.  If a candidate misses the opportunity to attend an interview after applying to Capgemini for any reason, the candidate has the right to reapply and participate in the selection process.
4.  The applicant must be an Indian citizen; however, students from Bhutan and Nepal are permitted to work in India without getting a job-related VISA. All other foreign nationals must have a work visa or an OCI / PIO card to work in India. In the absence of additional documents (PIO/OCI/Work permit/passport), Bhutanese and Nepalese nationals must also produce a citizenship certificate or a government ID card.
Candidates must apply for the Capgemini Recruitment Drive by visiting
Candidates with a Bachelor's or Master's degree, a BA/BS degree, or equivalent qualification can apply for Capgemini Recruitment.
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Capgemini is a multinational French service company that provides consulting, digital transformation, and outsourced services to many businesses.  For further information, visit and for Capgemini in India at

Capgemini - Quicklook

Name of the Organization:  Capgemini

Capgemini Recruitment Process - Job Roles Offered

Role:  Software Engineer (Analyst), 3.8 LPA Package

Capgemini Recruitment Process - Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Capgemini Analyst & Senior Analyst posts are as follows. However, depending on the drive, this information may differ.

Capgemini Recruitment Process – 5 stages of selection Process

The following are the stages of the online test pattern for the Analyst's role. The most recent rounds of Capgemini's recruitment process are listed below.

Stage 1

Round Name : Technical Assessment: (Elimination round)

Stage 2

Round Name :  MCQ based English Communication Test  (Elimination round)

Stage 3

Round Name : Game-Based Aptitude Test, (Elimination round)

Stage 4

Round Name: Behavioural Competency Profiling (Non Elimination round)

Stage 5

Round Name : Technical and HR Interview (Elimination round)

Technical Interview:

Below are the technical questions asked in the previous interviews:

HR interview

In this round, focus on your communication skills and how you present yourself.

General Questions on yourself

Your Introduction

About Project work

Why did you do this project? (based on what you listed on the resume)

About Company

What do you know about the company?

GK questions can be asked in this round.

The national animal of India

Capgemini Recruitment Process - Key points about the Capgemini Online Test

Capgemini Recruitment Process - About the assessment platform

The aptitude section was designed by Cocubes / AON. In this section, Inter-Sectional Navigation is not allowed. Intra-Sectional Navigation is allowed only in Pseudocode, English Communication and Coding Round. There is no negative marking.

How to Apply for Capgemini Recruitment

Go to 

Documents required

1.   All original mark sheets from SSC (10th), Intermediate (12th), and Graduation.

Recruitment policies at Capgemini

1.   A candidate is disqualified from applying if he or she has attended an interview within the last 6 months from the date of the current application.

Capgemini Recruitment – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Capgemini's Recruitment Drive?

What are the Capgemini Recruitment Eligibility Criteria?

Does Packet Prep provide Capgemini Placement Papers?13Does Packet Prep provide regular Capgemini Job Alerts?

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