Top Wipro HR interview questions for freshers

02 Oct 2021


Placement Prep

Wipro stands at the third position in Top IT companies in India so the number of applicants for Wipro recruitment is very high. Essentially the competition is what makes it important to be prepared for the selection process.
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Assuming that you have cleared aptitude round, let's get started for HR round. In case you are still preparing Wipro aptitude, then do practice questions from quantitative aptitudeverbal abilityreasoning, and coding. Also do solve Wipro placement papers, so as to build confidence for the exam.

Ok, without wasting time any further, let us dive into the top 10 Wipro hr questions for freshers.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This is the first and foremost question asked in most of the interviews. The question is pretty straight forward. But the answer to this question is very important because it can make or break their impression on you.

The way to start this answer is to start talking about your name, educational background, and family background. Then you can talk about your interests in general. You can also mention the skills that you have.

Here, you can mention the projects that you have worked on. In all probability, they may ask you questions related to these. You need to be very careful while answering questions related to the projects that you have worked on.

For candidates who have mentioned their strengths and weaknesses, the interviewer may ask you about your plan to control your weakness. Then you should be ready to tackle that question. Our advice is to practice in front of a mirror talking to yourself for at least half an hour every day. This will help you frame your sentences. 

You can conclude the discussion by mentioning one of your hobbies.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

You should be able to convince them that you are bound to stay with the company for a longer duration. In order to do that you can something like "I want to be more skillful, more confident and holding a good position in your company."

Or you can say something like " I want to be a good asset to the company and be part of the company for years to come.

3. Why should we hire you?

The interviewer is trying to assess your worthiness for their company. So, you need to convince them. You can start your answer by saying "I am a fast learner and I can grasp something that is new to me.

Remember it is not just the words but the way you speak is also very important. Articulation is very important when speaking with someone. You can also mention

i) Problem-solving skills

ii) Leadership skills.

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The answer to this question should not make you sound overconfident. At the same time, mentioning your weaknesses should not make you sound terrible. Being honest is good. But being too honest may not benefit you during the interview.

Some of the strengths that people mention in an interview are:-

i) Patience.

ii) Communication skills

iii) Creativity.

iv) Attention to detail.

Some of the weaknesses that people mention in an interview are as follows.

i) Sensitive.

ii) Fear of speaking in front of an audience.

iii) Over focused.

While it is good to state your weaknesses, it is also important to tell them what you have been doing to overcome them.

That is when they will look at you as an individual who is constantly trying to improve himself.

5. Are you a team player or a team leader?

A majority of candidates pick the option of being a good team leader. This sounds good but, if you cannot convince them with a good example where your leadership role was effective in solving a crisis then you may end up messing up the interview. So it is safe to start with being a good team player becomes everyone likes good team players. The example that you give should also be realistic. You can explain to them where your contribution resulted in spectacular success for your team.  Choosing an example that demonstrates your ability to overcome a situation.



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