Wipro Coding Questions

Wipro Coding Questions

Wipro recruitment has a mandatory coding ability section with two questions. Usually, these are easy, given that you are thorough with basic coding concepts. 

One question recently asked in Wipro nth 2020 was
An input number is given as prime, the number is squared and then reversed. Display the unit's place of the final number. 

If you notice, to solve this question, you should be aware of prime numbers, how to square a number and reversing digits and getting the units digit. So basically a mix of 3 to 4 concepts. 

If you are preparing for Wipro coding section, first master all the basic program logics... 

Important Programs

Finding Prime number

Palindrome Number

Finding Factorial

Print Fibonacci Series

Finding Leap year

LCM & GCD of two numbers

Removing Duplicates in Array

Bubble Sort

Once you are done with the above refer to this github repository to brush up all the code logics. Good luck !