10 Nov 2021


Interview Skills

Employers conduct interviews using video conferencing software because it is more convenient for initial screening interviews or remote employment as this is a different form of interview than a formal in-person interview.
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Tips for Zoom interview success

These Zoom interview pointers can help you master Zoom technology and show employers that you are prepared to face the interview with confidence over zoom.

1. Pick a quiet spot

2. Find a place with natural light

3. Select a pleasant background

4. Use a fully charged PC or a laptop

5. Keep your PC up to date

6. Have a reliable and stable internet connection

7. Put on your headphones

8. Switch off your phone

9. Turn off all alerts and notifications.

10. Maintain focus

11. Dress professionally

12. Look at the camera while speaking

13. Use proper body language 

14. Use the mute button when required

15. Inform your family about the virtual interview

16. Be on time

17. Practice Zoom Interview

Pick a quiet spot

Select a calm and quiet place free of distractions so that the interviewer's focus will be solely on you. 

Find a place with natural light.

Choose a room with sufficient lighting so that the interviewer(s) can see you. Natural lighting is suitable for video interviews, so if you can do it in front of a window, that is fantastic.

Select a pleasant background

Make sure there are no items in the background of your camera that can make interviewers doubt you as a person. Any clutter should not be visible.

Use a fully charged PC or laptop.

Before you start, charge your PC or laptop fully to prepare for the Zoom interview.

Keep your PC up to date

Before your Zoom meeting, have the latest version of Zoom. 

Have a reliable and stable internet connection

Before your Zoom interview, check if you have a strong internet connection. Test your connection in the location where you will be sitting during your interview. 

Put on your headphones.

Headphones help block unpleasant noises while improving sound quality.

Switch off your phone

Before your Zoom interview, turn off your phone and put it aside, and this allows you to focus on the interview rather than a text message or a phone call. 

Turn off all alerts/notifications.

Turn off all notifications on your PC . Close any social networking sites or other sites that distract you. Make the Zoom meeting full screen so that all you can see is your interviewer.

Maintain focus

Keep your focus on the screen as your interviewer speaks. Active listening, just like in a face-to-face interview, will demonstrate that you are interested in what they have to say. 

Dress professionally

Dress formally. This implies that you should put on your best business outfit. Trousers, formal shirts, formal dresses, and modest clothing are all suitable. Wear good bottoms even if the interviewer cannot see your legs to appear well-prepared and professional.

Look at the camera while speaking

Eye contact demonstrates keen interest and confidence. While speaking, turn your head and eyes toward the camera to make it appear to be talking to the interviewer.

Use appropriate body language

During your interview, sit up straight and rest your hands in your lap and your feet firmly on the floor. You can gesture with your hands if it comes naturally to you. When your interviewer speaks, use nonverbal cues like nodding and smiling to show that you are paying attention.

Use the mute button when required

Zoom offers a function that allows you to mute your audio. This is a valuable feature to have on hand when your interviewer is speaking for a long time. Keeping zoom call on mute while your interviewer speaks can help them concentrate on what they are trying to say if your home is crowded with loud noises, such as dogs barking or children playing.

Inform your family about the virtual interview

If you live with family or others, let them know about your Zoom Interview. Request them to give you space

Be on time

Employers may use the same "meeting room" to connect with many job seekers. There is a possibility that you might be entering a "room" that another job seeker has already used. Hence, it is a good idea to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Practice Zoom Interview

Practice Zoom Interview with friends and family. You may practice mock interviews to get a sense of how this type of interview is conducted. Have your relatives and friends ask you common interview questions and then give you feedback.

We hope that these pointers assist you in preparing for your Zoom interview. 

Best of Zoom Luck! 

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