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First Academy, 707 - 708, Pavani Prestige, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/6ZFh2VrcwV5j5Xyx5

Study Abroad

Should you go abroad? Can one not have a successful career here? This video looks at addressing the most basic question of them all while giving you a few pointers on where to begin.

Application Process

The Whole application process is confusiing, difficult, and fraught with possibilities of missteps. This video serves as the primer to the entire process. Call this international Applications One-Oh-One!

GRE Myths

Taking the GRE and confused about all the words you need to learn? Is M1 a nightmare? Do you even need the GRE? This video might come as a pleasant surprise, and as a surprise relief. Give it a watch!


Why am I not getting a score I want? Where did I go wrong? Let us help you put an end all the misinformation that is floating around. Take the first step the right way!

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