Coding Bootcamp - Realtime Project

Build your first commercial web application with us at packetprep. A great opportunity to utilize your leisure time to build a great realtime project, where you will learn to write code from scratch to the end.

Eligibility : Btech All Branches, 1st year to 4th year
Batches :

  • Batch 1 - Aug 5th to Aug 16th 2019
  • Batch 2 - Aug 19th to Aug 30th 2019
Timing : 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location : PacketPrep Office, Tarnaka, Hyderabad.
Contact : Mr.Syamson, +91 95026 97428

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You can pay Rs.600 to reserve the seat, remaining amount to be paid on the first day of training

First Cycle of Coding Bootcamp

We have successfully trained the 60+ students through Coding Bootcamp 2019(Summer Camp). Through this program students have learnt the basics of web development which includes html, css, bootstrap, php and mysql. Together we have built three project namely Resume, Calculator App and Simple Blog.

Here is the link to one of our student's projects

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Internship Certificates

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Testimonial by Sree Charan

College : MVSR College(Matrusri)
Branch: MECH
Year : 3rd year

Feedback from Tanya Sri

College : Mallareddy Engineering College
Branch: ECE
Year : 2nd year

Students Review


What's Included?

10 days Program

Its 5 days training and 5 days project work

Live Application

By the end of the course, your application will be live for public use

Internship Certificate

On completion of project, you will recieve the internship certificate

Training Highlights

  • You will learn PHP, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • You will learn how to book domain name, hosting and deploying the code on global server
  • Small batch size and Personal Guidance

Training Schedule

Day Module What you will Learn?
1 How websites work? and basics of html You will learn how webpages are created, how to store them in server and how they load over the browser
2 Core HTML tags and using CSS We will build a sample resume page using core html and basic css
3 Usage of CSS and Bootstrap Making the design adaptive for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Bootstrap techonology baiscs and usage, foundation api basics and usage.
4 PHP Basics Writing clean code using PHP, procedural and object oriented code design, inserting php tags in html, core logic implementation
5 Calculator Application Real time implementation of php basics in designing a simple caluclator application
6 Project Work Drafting the requirements for a college website
7 Project Work Building the basics pages of the college website using html and css
8 Project Work Integrating Bootstrap css and making website responsive
9 Doubt Clarifications Student can attend personal session and get the doubts clarified
10 Project Submission The final project to be submitted

Coding & Career

Cracking job in a top Multi National Company is a tough task, but consitent preparation and commitment can make you land in your dream job. This video answers the common questions students have regarding the career, learning apsects, growth.

Coding & Money

Everybody dreams of an independent life, pocket full cash and happy going. If have good programming skill, you can easliy make money. This video explains different websites to look for parttime jobs, how to make good commercial projects and details on freelancing.

Coding & Startup

Startup is the new big thing. Startup is the way forward for Digital India. If you have a great idea and dont know how to build your project, then coding bootcamp is the right place to learn the basics of building commercial application.

Coding & Abroad Studies

If you have plans for abroad study, you can watch this video to understand the importance of coding, impact of mini and major project for MS application, how coding bootcamp can help you crack Research assitantship.

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