Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Jun 30 2023


Creative thinking is the capability to look differently at things, and solve problems in a new way. Creative thinking skills are definitely not just for some professions. Everyone can benefit from creative thinking from time to time. Most problems might require the approach that has never been tried before. So, the focus on innovation and creativity is necessary. It is a skill that is highly valued. The word creativity means a phenomenon where something is created. Creative thinking skill needs a constant exercise to stay sharp. We should expose ourselves to situations in which new ideas are needed.

Some of the best examples of creative thinking skills may include:
Visual reading,
Out-of-the-box thinking
Artistic creativity
Analytical mind
Divergent thinking

Creative Thinking Techniques
Brain storming:
 Brain storming has several advantages that helps you exercise your creative thinking skills. It does not require any rigid structure to function. The people involved in this technique do not need to be together as you can share a virtual setting or put ideas into a shared document.
Lateral Thinking:
Lateral Thinking works well when a group of people try to put themselves under different perspectives. They can reverse the problem to look at it in different way. The mind map that you prepare can help you as a bigger picture regarding the problem that you are solving.
Mind mapping:
The chart where you input your ideas and connect them is called as a mind map. Mind map can have possible solutions. Its immediate consequences can be the best course of action the problem.

Benefits of Creative Skills:
Best solutions to daily demands can be created.
Problem-solving skill can improved, both in professional and personal life.
Involvement in daily activities will be at higher level.
Better understanding of data
Self-Improvement will develop more soft skills.
Effective teamwork and bonding.


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