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Ratio Proportion Aptitude Questions

Ratios are all about comparing quantities, like x to y. And coming to proportions, it is an equation that presents two ratios that are equivalent, like 'x to y as a to b' which is \(\frac{x}{y}=\frac{a}{b}\). Questions from Ratio and proportions primarily test the candidate's ability to solve problems based on fractions, which are concept-driven and can be easily mastered by solving a handful of practice questions.
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Major recruitment tests like TCS NQT, Wipro NTH, InfyTQ and others mainly ask questions based on comparing ratio questions, unknown proportions, Increment Ratio and Divide and distribute concepts. To make your preparation easy we have compiled the most important 20 questions from ratio proportions with answers and explanation. Make sure you dedicate considerable time to solve these questions with integrity.

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If you are already thorough with all the concepts of quantitative aptitude then move on to reasoning ability and verbal ability.

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