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Decimal Fractions Aptitude Questions

Decimal Fractions is an important topic in the Quantitative section of the Aptitude exam. Questions in this section are framed in a concept-oriented way. So, make sure that you practice different level of questions in order to have flexibility while solving problems related to this concept.
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Important topics covered in this section are Decimal Fractions, Decimals basic, Find the unknown value of a number, Recurring decimals, sorting fractions, etc. To make your preparation easy we have compiled the most important 20 questions from this topic. Make sure you dedicate considerable time to solve these questions with integrity.

We assume that you have completed LCM and HCF practice before coming to this page if not make sure you solve questions from LCM and HCF first. Second, after you complete this section solve questions from Ratio Proportions.

If you are already thorough with all the concepts of quantitative aptitude then move on to reasoning ability and verbal ability.

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