Wipro written communication questions

Wipro written communication questions

The written essay is a part of Wipro Aptitude exam. In this, one topic will be given and you will be asked to write an essay (views/opinions) on the topic. There is a mention on the word limit of the topic. It is recommended to include 100 – 400 words in the essay. The instructions are given below. 

1. Compose your response in paragraphs.

2. Write a detailed response providing relevant facts and logical arguments.

3. Justify your opinion with suitable examples.

To make your preparation easy, we have written several essays which have appeared in the previous year papers of Wipro Aptitude exam.  Once you have prepared for written communication questions, you can move to Quantitative, Reasoning, and Verbal Ability.


Is Social Media Evil?

If Human beings can't imagine their life without social media, it's a sign that they have fallen to the evil powers and impact of social networking. This itself is enough to say that Social Media an evil in society. While social media can have a positive impact too, that doesn’t mean it’s all hearts and flowers. Let us explore the darker side of social media and understand how bad it is for us :

  •  Depression and anxiety: Spending too much time on social networking sites could adversely affect the mood of an individual which in turn will lead to poor mental health, including symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is always advisable to spend half an hour per day on social networks. So, as with many things in life, it's all about moderation.
  •  Fear of missing out: It is a phenomenon that was born at the same time as Facebook and it's one of the most common negative effects of social media. Fear of missing out is basically a form of anxiety that an individual can get when he/she is scared of missing out on a positive experience or emotions that someone else is getting. This fear is constantly fueled by social media engagement. The more we use social networks, the more likely we get to see that someone is having more fun than we are right now. And that's exactly what causes Fear of missing out.
  •  Unrealistic expectations: This one probably comes as no surprise, but social media helps you to form unrealistic expectations of life and friendships. The networks that do it most are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Those are the social media platforms that severely lack online authenticity.
  •  Unhealthy sleep patterns: On top of increased rates of anxiety and depression, spending too much time on social media can lead to poor sleep. Numerous studies have shown that increased use of social media has a negative effect on your sleep quality. If you feel like your sleep patterns have become irregular and that this is affecting your productivity, try and avoid spending a significant amount of time on social media.

 Finally,  if we recognize any of them as our own symptoms it may be time to consider stop using social media altogether.



Impact of media on society

Media has become the limelight of the entertainment industry. It provides information on each and every aspect related to society. It also aids in the dissemination of ideas to every nook and corner of the globe. There are types of media in the world such as tv, radio, newspapers, internet. Media has been designated as a powerful way of communication.

The following are the ways in which media can influence society: 
  • With the arrival of media, images, and videos are played on television, mobile phones, etc. with this effect, people can get access to information and therefore public opinion becomes crucial in order to make any decision.
  • An ordinary citizen can open his grievance through social media in a way that he could get justice. so, media has promoted transparency in a work environment.
  • Media is a source of entertainment where people can watch movies, documentaries and real-life stories which gives them a sense of rejuvenation. Media can work effectively by exposing the social ills of society to the government. it can also bridge the gap between the public and governments by framing an appropriate opinion so that the governments can act according to it.
  • Media can have a negative impact on the young as they believe whatever is shown on tv and social websites. as a result of it, most youngsters get addicted to it which may take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. ex: adult content can cause lots of problems in young minds.

It’s a known fact that media has a bias towards different parties by which they tend to manipulate the information and try to project only one side of the coin. Finally, we can conclude that the media is a double-edged sword as it has both advantages and disadvantages. If used properly media can be an asset to society and benefit the public, or else it can cause social upheaval across the society.


True qualities of a leader.

Leadership is a combination of characteristics, behavior, and style that one displays by combining their thoughts, words, and actions. Skills and qualities are important assets in a leader’s life. Good characteristics, behavior, action, and thoughts is a cumbersome task and sometimes it becomes difficult to identify all these traits in a single person.

Here are some of the traits of a good leader :
  •  In order to execute a task successfully, a lot of dedication, commitment and determination are needed. These 3 qualities reflect the capability of a leader.
  • A true leader always thinks innovatively by bringing up new ideas which indicate the leadership is born out of power. A true leader has the courage to take effective decisions in any unexpected situations.
  •  For example, in some instances, where people end up in an emergency situation, a single person has to take over control of the situation immediately and handle it efficiently.
  •  If we go through the autobiographies of any successful leader, we can understand that they did a lot of hard work to get to that position and nobody was born with a silver spoon.
  • The more challenges they face, the stronger they emerge. There is no match for hard work that a leader puts in and every bit of effort and hard work they did has really paid them off back.
  • A leader will always have a clear vision, manages his team during times of difficulty, the stand’s for them and motivates them in order to bring out the best from them.
  •  Some of these qualities are inborn and are strengthened by the experiences of life. This gives confidence to an individual to face further tough situations and also enable them to prepare their followers to face them.
  • Leadership often involves taking in the initiative and seeing that the task is executed. In other words, it is all about taking any task to closure from the beginning till the end, without losing the focus.
  • A good leader needs to have patience, self-confidence, dignity, self-respect, and respect to others, honesty and transparency. Hence, a person who not only benefits himself but also the surrounding people with his thoughts, words and actions consistently can be called as a leader.
   So, everyone in this universe will get the opportunity to become a leader when life offers a circumstance or challenge to face and at that point in time they have to exhibit and play a leadership role.


Digitization and its benefits

In the 21st century, Digitization has got a lot of importance in the day-to-day activities of Humans. Virtually, human beings cannot live without the digital world. Digitization is a process where the data is converted into digital format (the language of the computer). The data is stored in the form of 0s and   1's. Digital technology involves the use of computers, information technology, and the internet. 

Benefits of Digitization :

  •  Large quantities of information can be accessed through digital and online resources. A user can sit and operate at the comfort of his home without any physical strain.
  •  As a result of digital technology maintenance and cost has come down marginally.
  • Travel time and cost to access libraries, archives, etc. are saved as one can access the resources at home or online.
  • The banking and finance industry has implemented digital and online operations.
  • Cost and process complexity of developing and printing photographs has gone down in addition to the security management of critical resources has largely reduced due to digitization.
  • The process of research, booking, and planning becomes easy for several industries like Real estate, Tourism, etc. that operate on digital technology.
  • The lifespan and durability of digital resources are better and efficient as storage, editing and transfer become user- friendly.

Finally, digitization means less paper and more digital presence. These actions are consequences of digital evolution. A true digital transformation should affect all areas of the company. Companies need to adopt digitization in order to improve their business management and productivity. So, companies need to realize that digitization cannot be an option, but a necessity if they want to be successful or if they won't expand their footprint in the market.

 The market has expanded at a faster pace due to continuous technological transformation. Consumers have also changed their habits, needs, desires, ways of communicating and consuming. An effective digital transformation should follow three paths: people, automated information management, intelligent digital communication.


Three things that I want to change in this world

      If I want to change three things in this beautiful world it would be pollution, health, and violence. The reason, why I chose these three things is that they were detrimental to the stability of the human world.

  • I want to stop the menace of pollution because on an average 100 living species in the world are dying because of it. Pollution can be in the form of liquid, solid or gas. Human beings and Industries are the main culprits behind pollution. The entire living space is getting contaminated. The Colour of the sea which was once clear blue now appears to be dirty green because of contamination. In order to control pollution, I would plant a number of trees, create awareness among people about the importance of trees and their effects in minimizing pollution. The next step, that I would do is to stop using petrol car and make a switch to alternate forms of transportation i.e, Electric Vehicles.
  • The second thing that I want to change is violence. There is a lot of violence and abuse in today’s generation. We come across incidents of violence on newspapers frequently. In the majority of the cases, women bear the brunt of the violence. So it’s high time that we respect women, maintain gender equality and get rid of violence.
  • The last thing I would like to focus on is on the health of the people. Well, this can be done by changing the food habits, by consuming food rich in proteins, fiber, etc. by maintaining physical fitness, etc.
            If I reduce the impact of pollution, violence, and bad health, then the world would become a much better place to live in and no one would be sick,  sad or worried about what will happen to them.


How can an IT employee help the uneducated public?

India is the world’s second-largest country in terms of population with over 125 billion. As per estimates over 75% of the Country’s population lives in rural areas and villages. Most of these villages don’t have proper infrastructure and sanitation facilities. As a result, people are forced to live in moderate economic conditions leading to poor quality of life. People who live in villages are uneducated and they lack access to Technology. So, IT can play a major role in shaping the future of villages and helping the uneducated public.

 Information Technology professionals are usually skilled and tech-friendly people who can work with modern technologies, online transactions and internet-related jobs without hesitation. These professionals can help the uneducated public in many ways:
  •  IT professionals can involve themselves in implementing the various flagship programs of the government such as Cashless India, linking aadhar numbers, etc. They can make the uneducated public participate in this type of beneficiary activities.
  • When it comes to uneducated women population, the IT sector is a boon as many of them utilize these technologies by making online small scale businesses like cooking, handy crafts, hotel businesses, etc.
  • Moreover, they can teach the application of social networks to uneducated public and help them to establish their own business or entrepreneurship. So indirectly they can create employment opportunities for the uneducated.
  •  IT people can help the uneducated youth in their day-to-day activities such as acquiring information about traveling details, the status of pharmacies in nearby locations through the usage of various applications.
 Therefore, it can be concluded that IT people are smart enough. They always find the easiest method. They are habituated to technology. If these people help the uneducated public it will be best for the country. Status of our society will be very high. After all, the future of our country depends on our Villages.


Three important lessons life has taught you

                                                           Every person is unique in this world. They have their own perception of the importance of life. Some of them are brave, some are cowards. Some people like to face challenges, some of them stick to their comfort zone.

                                      However, there are certain lessons that Human beings have to learn.
  •  Face your fear. You have to be prepared in order to face any challenge or specifically any type of fear. Fears prevent us from experiencing everything that life provides us. When we go through fear we restrict ourselves. So a natural question arises “How to overcome fear”? In order to answer this, we must first understand the difference between Success and Failure.
  • People who start things with a positive approach, never get influenced by the outside world, accept challenges, take decisions according to the existing situation finally taste the fruits of success are called Successful people. On the other hand, people who start things with a half-hearted approach, who largely get influenced by what others think and who give up in between are called Failed people.So, failed people have a perception of fear. In order to overcome fear, you have to change your attitude and the way of thinking.
  • Always learn from the experiences of others: It is important to realize that we have to learn something from the past experience of others. By interacting with them we will get to know on how to stay focused, motivated, identifying errors and make sure that we don’t repeat them again when we actually take up any task.
  • Never estimate the size of a task without going into it: When we start working on any specific task, we have to put our maximum effort and stay focused without getting distracted. One of the blunder mistakes that most of us do is we tend to predict the outcome of that task without knowing anything about it so, we are here only to put our efficiency in the right way and not think too much about what will happen at a later time.


My best friend

My best friend’s name is Jeevan. He is very tall and fair. He is special to me because he always helps me whenever I face difficulty in any situation. Well, he has motivated me to follow the right path. He always prefers to spend time with me even when he has a busy schedule. We both stay in the same Residential area and we came and played even after school time. We went to several places during our summer vacation. We participated in a lot of extra co-curricular activities. We played Tennis and Basketball at home. More than a friend, he is a mentor for me because he has pulled me out of difficult situations.

I first met him when I was in my UKG and now we became professionals. The best thing I like about him is his smiling face. He has a smiling face even during times of hardship and he never expresses difficulties on his face. He has a lot of Patience and loves to explain anything which he comes across. He cares for his parents, grandparents and other family members. He obeys them always and other old people of society. He used to do well in his academics. He explains any subjective matter in a clear and easy way during exam time. He has a lot of observation power and skill.

Both of us have managed to secure the best and lucrative jobs. While I became an Engineer, Jeevan became a scientist in a reputed organization. We had many memorable incidents together, the kind of fun, enjoyment, and adventure we had was something unexplainable in words.In this generation particularly where we are getting busy and vexed with our professional life, it is important to have someone in our life with whom we can share our feelings and thoughts apart from our family. Finally, I want to thank God for giving me a best friend. After all, life without a best friend is meaningless and incomplete


Is Group Discussion necessary for recruitment?

A group discussion (GD) is a method used by corporate organizations, educational institutes, and other organizations to assess the level of communication skills of a potential aspirant. Communication skill has become an important part than technical knowledge in any corporate environment. So, it becomes important for the interviewer to select the right candidate by assessing his interpersonal skills. So in my opinion, GD should be made a part for recruitment. Group discussion in an interview involves discussing topics with other individuals which you have never interacted before. It is also aimed at how clearly you express your point of view and be able to lead a discussion in which you can demonstrate that you are a team player.

Moreover, GD prepares employees for an efficient and effective corporate life where they have to be good at speaking skills, capable of interacting with bosses and clients, be able to lead meetings and much more. GD, therefore, becomes important to these types of jobs, and hence it is a very crucial part to be tested before hiring. A corporate company would never like to hire an inefficient employee who would be a disaster in communicating and waste their revenues.GD also gives the confidence to speak opinions as well as gives the ability to think from new dimensions about topics and expand their knowledge from others.

For an introvert and shy people, GD might be stressful at times. So, these type of people should always emphasize more. A GD is more of a technique than a test. It can be a method to find out a person's attitude, personality, etiquette, potential, and knowledge about the topic related to his job. The practice of group discussions has been going on in institutes and colleges which prepare the students for an actual interview beforehand.

Finally, I strongly feel that GD should be made compulsory where communication requirements and interactions are mandatory instead of making it compulsory for every job. 



Your first campus interview experience.

After doing my graduation from Osmania University, I got registered with the local employ­ment exchange.  My speeds at typing and shorthand were quite satis­factory. In the last month of May, I got a call from a Multi-National Com­pany for an interview. I was expected to reach by 10 a.m. at the Company’s administrative office at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Hyderabad. As it was my first experience in life for a job, I started well before time so that I may not be late. I reached there on time. There was a big hall there and about 35 candidates were waiting for their chance. 

I was little nervous and beating of my heart increased. It appeared that the castle of self-confidence is collapsing. I was in a fix. There were only five minutes left in the interview. I closed my eyes and remembered God, then I tried to recollect the tips I read in a book regarding the inter­view. They were completely practical. These points inspired me again. I again gained my lost confidence. I was the first candidate to be invited inside for the interview. As I entered the room I saw five gentlemen behind a round table. I wished them. They reciprocated and offered me a seat. I occupied the chair. Suddenly they started series of questions to be answered by me. The questions were from very different fields of knowledge. I answered them all with confidence and courage. They tried to tease me psychologi­cally also, but I was in full command. I gave replies to all their questions in a fitting manner and never lost my confidence. They took a time of 45 minutes to interview me. Then they asked me to wait outside. I went out from the different door. My first experience of the interview was really an inspiration for me.

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