Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is the most important requisite for clearing any competitive exam. We have designed this course to help you master the core concepts of quant with ease.

Logical Reasoning

This course dramatically improves your chances of passing logical reasoning with top scores. The course includes detailed explanation of important concepts, practice questions, tips and tricks.

Mental Ability

General mental ability is one of the prime topics of most of the entrance examinations. The mental ability problems, test the reasoning & interpretation skills of candidates.

Verbal Ability

English Language is one of the less time consuming and a scoring subject in every competitive exam. This course covers complete syllabus for general english along with numerous practice questions

Interview Skills

So you’ve got an interview lined up? are you ready for it? check out our video resource which highlights important techniques that will help you nail your next interview

Mathematical Logic for GATECS

This course include crisp video lectures for propositional logic and first order logic with a special focus on important topics like logical equivalence, validity of arguments, inferring statements.

Set Theory for GATECS

This course include crisp video lectures for sets, relations, functions, groups, partial order and lattice with a special focus on important topics like equivalence relation, onto functions and abelian group.

Free Aptitude Video Lectures

To give students a glance of the product, we have included this series of 10 free video lectures from quantitative aptitude, mental ability and logical reasoning. 

Study Abroad

Abroad study might be your dream or may be you are just deciding on to go for abroad or not? This video series highlights why a students can choose abroad study.

Coding for Interviews

If you are aiming for top companies, then coding is a must. This video series covers concept explanation as well as detailed live code for the most important programs asked in coding interviews. 

Target TCS

Free online training to help students crack TCS NQT (Ninja National Qualifier Test) - Ninja and Digital. This course extensively covers all the concepts required for TCS Exam with 300 practice questions and 50+ Tests.

Programming Concepts for Interviews

Refresh your programming concepts before you attend any technical interview. This comprehensive course on programming covers c, data structure & algorithms in depth.